Sugar, how you get so fly?
I feel that this is my only way to get through art school in one piece... here's all the gory details
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Anonymous asked: I have my first pot date on wensday... I'm not pretty whatsoever and I'm kind of nervous to be rejected. Do you think I should bring him a tiny gift? I mean sugar daddies like to know they're appreciated right?


Yes they do… but I’m not sure why you decided to do this if you don’t think you’re pretty? This whole thing is based on money and superficiality… men who want to pay young pretty women for their company. Men are attracted to confidence ( as are women ) so even if you FAKED it that would be better than showing up like a sad ugly duckling with a silly gift… he’s supposed to bring you a gift

Sugar Hiatus

So… I had to take a little Hiatus and go back to my real life this weekend. It wasn’t that glamorous, but it did include a new tattoo so I’m happy. I am honestly just kinda missing my new guy… he needs a nickname. Let’s call him “Sweetness” He is in Vegas on business all week, and I really wish he was here… I like him. 

After not checking my profiles for a few days, I have soo many new messages I don’t know what to do with. I can see how this would get really old really fast. It’s kind of obnoxious, really hard to keep track of, and weird… but totally worth it!!!!

To my dearest Sugar babes!!

1st off, I love you all. Its not been long since I’ve joined this community, but I must say I am so thankful y’all are here!! So, Im writing to share with you something I hope will give you all hope. I entered this thinking of it as a chore, a job, easy to put up with for cash! And yes, it is… But its possible to find genuine relationships as well

So, transmitting this post from the glorious california king bedroom of my BRAND NEW OFFICIAL SD!!! No, he does not know yet, (yet hes been begging me to choose him) but I plan on telling him with the rest of his surprise in the morning.
Honestly girls, If you had told me when i started this that I would meet a guy I genuinely liked, and wanted to be with… I would have laughed at you. But here I am laying in post orgasmic bliss, his arm on my hip.. Fast asleep. Im crushing so hard on this man I cant even say. I have never felt like more of a princess than I do right now!!! This is the life. Wait til I post pics of this house tomorrow…


Can I wear a hat at a nice restaurant?? It’s small and black, very cute… I’m just having the worst hair day and my outfit doesn’t look best with an up do! I am trying to recall if I’ve ever seen a woman with one but I can’t. So prob not, huh?

Cherry Poppin’ Daddy

So, if you read some of my previous blogs you may remember my first SD that I called Cherry Poppin’ Daddy… well, he was amazing for the first few weeks! But… he cancelled on me twice this week… oh wait… he didn’t even cancel til after we were supposed to meet. I mean, I didn’t go because we usually choose a place last minute, but… he didn’t even call. Fuck that. 

Good thing all my other Daddies are treating me so well! I was supposed to be saving my money and paying off debt, but I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree the past few days! I look at it as an investment, because I really needed stuff to wear to all these fancy restaurants, etc. It’s worth it. 

So right now I’m kind of stringing along 4-5 SDs but haven’t totally committed to any one yet. 

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